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About my music

I began writing songs in the late 1980s, culminating in my first full show, "Nora And The Space Ark" co-produced with the poet Tony Langham for my old school at Bolton Brow.


I went on to write numerous songs for assemblies and special occasions and to write performances for festivals such as Christmas, Harvest, Easter etc,


Then I turned my attention to the (then new) national curriculum and decided it would be a good idea to make the new learning a bit more fun and wrote several performances designed for use in the classroom as well as larger-scale productions all based on curriculum topics. This caught the attention of the media and I was featured on Radio 4's "You And Yours", Yorkshire TV's "Calendar" and Radio Leeds.


Some performances were written for the stage and run for an hour and half whilst others were written for the assembly hall and run for about twenty minutes.


My shows have been performed in many schools throughout the UK and in theatres where youth drama is encouraged.


For the last few years my music writing has taken a back seat but now I'm keen to be back in business and I'm writing a new show for Christmas as well as revisiting all my major shows of the past and giving them a dusting off and a major overhaul.


I wish to express my very grateful appreciation of all the young people who feature in the video clips and also all the numerous other people involved in the productions. Without their hard work, talent and dedication the shows could not have enjoyed the success they did.


Thank you.


Vaughan Roberts