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Grandad's Sixpenny Piece


Holly and Sam are helping their mum clear out grandad's home. Mum has hoped against hope to find a photo of her dad when he was a little boy - to no avail. She knew there was one taken in the 1930s but grandad had forgotten what had happened to it.


Holly opens an old book of grandad's and finds - not a photo - but an old sixpenny piece dated 1932. Holding the sixpence she uses her birthday wish to try to find that photo of her grandad.


This triggers magical intervention and the two children are whisked away on a journey back through the decades to 1932.


They are helped by two generous if somewhat inept magical travellers and hindered by a nasty, spiteful one - "Fridgia".


Their journey sees them stopping off in the 1980s, 1970s, 1960s, 1950s, 1940s and finally the 1930s - for a most uncanny meeting.

Running time: 90 min. approx.

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Snapshot - 3 Coronation Treat But I Close My Eyes Snapshot - 3 Snapshot - 4 Beside The Sea

Video footage courtesy of Gail Allaby