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Diamond In The Night

There are two versions of this show; both highlight pollution issues.


The original "Space Ark" is a pantomime-type performance of about                         one  hour. Nora and Jerry Myer team up to try to awaken the people of Earth to the disastrous problem of pollution. Initially they fail and decide the only thing to do is to build a "Space Ark" and rescue as many animals and friends as they can before Earth expires. They take off in their ark leaving Earth, sadly, to its fate. After floating through space for a long time they eventually approach a planet that looks remarkably like Earth - but it can't be ... Earth MUST have died ... or did the people of the planet take heed of Nora's and Jerry's message ....?


The later "Shooting Star" performance of about one and a half hours focuses on the plight of two alien children who land on Earth after being jettisoned from their parents' spacecraft after colliding with a piece of space junk orbiting our planet. The two aliens are alone, lost, frightened and desperate to avoid being taken by "the authorities" - a chilling term they know from studying films and documentaries collected from the radio waves emanating from Earth. They are in luck and are found by two star-gazing and star-struck youngsters who "hide" them within the show they are rehearsing: "Space Ark 2000". The two newcomers are an instant hit with the show's director - they are superb performers (thanks to hundreds of hours spent studying and copying thousands of human performances). Things are OK for a short while - but the aliens' escape craft has been found, a determined government agent is on the case, enquiries are made, "two and two are put together" and slowly but surely "the authorities" begin to close in ...



Running times: "Shooting Star" - approx 1hr. 45 mins

                     "Space Ark 2000" - approx 1hr.

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Video courtesy of Gail Allaby