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                             The Viking Carpenter


    Bjorn is an excellent carpenter and he and his family live a good life by the

    fjord - until one day he is forced into a duel over the ownership of his farm.


   He loses the fight and the family must leave their farm. They must decide

   what to do next. They have nowhere to stay and they have no intention of

   becoming the slaves of another family - often the fate of the dispossesed.


   Their eyes turn seaward as they recollect stories about the wonderful lands

   beyond the waves.


   Using what little money they have left they buy passage on a trading boat

   bound for the booming town of Jorvik - and almost lose their lives during a

   storm at sea.


  They arrive in Jorvik wet, cold, hungry yet determined to start a new life.


  Bjorn is an excellent carpenter and things go well until jealousy again blights

  the life of his family.


  A rival carpenter who is losing business dishonestly tries to discredit Bjorn.

  Helga, his elder daughter, is in serious trouble when she is accused of theft.


  A friendly visitor from the spirit world seeks justice and helps to save the day.



  Running time: 90 min approx.


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"May You Dream"

Fenrir the giant wolf;

part of the dream

sequence on the boat

Please be patient for link - it's a long sequence

Snapshot - 7

"People From The North"

Introductory scene

Video footage courtesy of Trevor Smith